Deneysville: The Sasolburg Regional court has sentenced a suspect of rape; Mr Manyala Abiel Telane; 48 years old, to 15 years imprisonment, for a rape that occurred in Refengkgotso.

It is alleged that on 03 January 2017, an adult African female was walking home from a nearby tavern in Refengkgotso when she noticed that she was being followed by an unknown male who proclaimed his undying love to her.  When his love proposal was rejected, he forcefully grabbed the woman by her clothes and forced her to the ground and started raping her. The victim’s screaming was heard by the people nearby who rushed outside and came to her rescue.

The suspect was arrested by the Deneysville SAPS members on the same day and Sergeant Sefafe; from the Zamdela Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence Unit, successfully managed to oppose bail and the accused remained in custody until the case was finalised.

On the 01st November 2017, the accused was found guilty in the Sasolburg Regional Court and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


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