Friday, 21 February 2020

Welkom: Police in Thabong are investigating a case of arson after the community allegedly burnt down a house on Saturday, 15 February 2020 in Thabong; Welkom.

It is alleged that a man assaulted three people in Thabong by stabbing them with a knife. The community retaliated by assaulting the man. The accused ran to a house which belongs to his girlfriend’s parents and hid.

Police were called and they rescued him and he was taken to the police station. The community was dispersed by Welkom POP.

After the police left, the community allegedly returned to the house where the accused hid and burned the shack. Fire brigade was conducted to stop the fire but the shack was already down.

When police returned to the scene, the owner of the shack was not present and the value of the damaged property is not known at this stage.

No arrest has been made yet but investigation continues.

“We condemns such behavior, the community must not take law into their hands rather let the police do their job, we unsure the community that we are doing everything to keep perpetrators away from the community and make the community a safer place.“ said Lt. General Motswenyane.