Thursday, 15 August 2019

Welkom: A 29 year old male Lesotho National is due to appear in Welkom Magistrates Court after he was arrested for alleged illegal immigration, fraud and possession of a firearm.

On the 13 August 2019, the members of Welkom Crime Prevention Unit under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Khabonina Mafereka, were busy with their routine patrols and crime prevention duties.

They sported 2 suspicious African males leaning against the tree in Jan Hoffmeyer Road; near Edmund Rise School; Welkom. The members approached these men and when they stopped the vehicle, one of the two men fled on foot and the other one followed.

The members divided themselves into two groups and chased after the suspects as they ran to different directions. One suspect was caught, while the other managed to flee.

The caught suspect, was searched thoroughly and the members found a gun and the ammunitions in his possession and the suspect failed to produce a firearm license.

The suspect further tried to mislead the police by giving them a wrong identification document (passport) which does not belong to him.

The suspect was arrested and detained at Welkom Police Station by Lt Col. Mafereka, Constables Joseph Monyamane and Tiisetso Tekano of Welkom Crime Prevention Unit.