Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Welkom: The victim had a relationship with the first suspect who introduced her to other two African men who raised the issue of a gold deal. The victim ultimately lost her R55 000 and these three African men are nowhere to be found. She realised that she was defrauded and a case of Fraud was registered for further investigation. Residents are sternly warned to stay away from people selling gold in the streets.

On the 25 April 2018, the complainant met this African man who introduced himself as Moeketsi and a relationship was established, at one point they had breakfast together. The two love birds were leaving when the phone of Moeketsi rang, then they went to Welkom CTM branch. While they were there, they met with the second African male person who introduced himself as Motsamai.

He showed Moeketsi gold and talked about the deal, then they were joined by the third African man who was introduced as Moeketsi’s cousin. They all drove to one of the guest houses in Riebeeckstad, where an Indian lady had to test the gold.

After the gold was tested, she requested R5 000. Mr Moeketsi asked the complainant to borrow her that money and it will be paid back when the deal was finalized. She agreed and withdrew money and handed it over to the tester of gold who confirmed that it’s a real gold and it worthed R1 400 000.

Moeketsi’s cousin showed them cash that he claimed it was R100 000, he said if the complainant add some more money, the Indian lady will trust them. That made the complainant to transfer additional money of R50 000 into the bank account she was provided with.

They told her that the deal will be finalised the following day and that was the last time she saw them. Mr Moeketsi was driving a silver grey Mercedez Benz C-Class with unknown GP registration numbers. These suspects might be residing in Kroonstad.

Should anyone have information leading to the arrests of these gold scammers, Detective Warrant Officer Lorette van Rooyen of Welkom Detective Services can be contacted at telephone number (057) 391 6276, during office hours.