Saturday, 01 February 2020

Ficksburg: A crime intelligence led operation on the 30 January 2020, led to the arrest of three police officers; aged between 28 and 43.

The three, two Sergeants and a Constable stationed at Ficksburg SAPS will appear at Ficksburg Magistrate Court today; 03 February 2020 on the charge of house robbery.

This follows an incident on Monday; the 13 January 2020, where Mr Motlobodi Macholo was at Koeijenfontein farm in Rosendal; near Ficksburg, when he heard a knock at the door.

People knocking identified themselves as police officials. Three males in civilian clothes were let in. Once they entered, one of them displayed the appointment card and told the victim (Mr. Macholo) that they are following information about dagga that he is allegedly selling and stored in the farm.

All three suspects allegedly pointed the victim with firearms and ordered him to take out the dagga. They then tied him with his trouser lace and took him along to other houses in the farm where they questioned two more victims about dagga.

They told them that other police officials with dogs are already on their way to search their premises, then left all victims tied up. After a while when they could not hear the suspect`s voices, victims managed to untie themselves and realized that the storeroom door was wide open.

They then discovered that machineries such as compressor, electrical cable and animal food were missing. The victims then went to the police station to report the incident and a case of house robbery was registered.

“Our appreciation to the community for continuously providing information on corrupt activities by our members. We will not allow criminals to hide in our blue uniform and terrorize the community that they are mandated to protect.” said Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane.