Monday, 20 January 2020

Thabong: A 24 year old man is under arrest for an alleged murder of a 28 year old pregnant woman on Monday, 20 January 2020; at 2010 village; Thabong.

It is alleged that a male owner of the house (shack), left his girlfriend; a 28 year old, at their place while taking his brother to the hospital for treatment. Before he left, he met his friend at the gate and wanted his R20.

The boyfriend gave him R10 and told him that he will give him the outstanding R10, when he comes back from the hospital.

They both left but seemingly, the suspect returned and stabbed a pregnant girlfriend with a knife several times on her body. After that, he took some of the boyfriend’s clothes and left.

The mother of the boyfriend arrived at the place and suspected something when she saw the suspect leaving the house and went to check.

She found the door closed and when she opened it she saw blood in the shack. The Police were called to the scene and found that the woman has been murdered.

They started with their investigations by interviewing people around the house and out of that information, they managed to trace the suspect, a 24yrs old man of Jerusalema Park; Thabong.

A knife and clothes which were full of blood, were confiscated. Suspect was arrested and will be formally charged with murder.

He is expected to appear at Welkom Magistrates’ Court soon.

“We want to applaud the community of Thabong for opening up to the police after this incident, as the crucial information provided by them made the job of the police easier to trace and arrest the suspect within a very short space of time.” said the Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Baile Motswenyane.