Sasolburg: Police detectives in Sasolburg, managed to secure the conviction of Dingaan Steven Mqithi (51), Thembisile Hermans (37), Alex Dindi (33) and Abram Mqithi (41), for two counts of murder and malicious damage to property.

On the 15 November 2017, the High Court sitting in Sasolburg, sentenced the 4th accused, Dingaan Steven Mqithi tor two life imprisonment for each murder and seven years for malicious damage to property. Three other accused pleaded guilty and were sentenced in 2016. Hermans was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment for each count of murder, Dindi sentenced to 22 years and Abram Mqithi was sentenced to 20 years for each count. All these sentences will run concurrently.

It was discovered during court proceedings that on the 21 August 2015, two of the accused, approached the deceased who were boyfriend and girlfriend and told them that they are selling sheep. Also that, if they collect it, it will cost R200 but if it is delivered, it will cost R500. The deceased decided to drive behind the two men to fetch the sheep. They stopped at the bridge between Sasolburg and Deneysville.

The two men and the male deceased (Elias Mazibuko) went down the bridge and found two other accused waiting for them. Dingaan then hit the deceased with a rock on the head and instructed the other three to stab him with knives. They fatally stabbed him twenty (20) times on the body and went up the bridge holding the other accused as though they are holding a sheep. The female victim (Malefu Mqithi) who was Dingaan`s ex-wife opened the car for them to put the sheep. Once inside the vehicle, they strangled and assaulted her until she was unconscious, then Dingaan set the vehicle alight with her inside.

When the accused saw another vehicle approaching, they left the scene and drove back to Bloemfontein where they were staying. The driver of the oncoming vehicle, with other people, managed to extinguish the fire and alerted the police. Malefu was referred to Pelonomi hospital where she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries after three days and died.

The case was investigated by Sergeant Dean April and he managed to arrest the first three accused in 2015 and Dingaan, who was a Correctional Officer at Grootvlei prison, was arrested in 2016.

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