Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Welkom: Public Order Policing had made their mark by embarking in other activities outside their daily work of expectations. They went an extra mile in ensuring the safety on the streets and visited the Youth Centre in Riebeecksted, Welkom. It was a day well spent.

On the 07 August 2019, women in blue were involved in an event of making a mark to our society with visible policing, issuing of pamphlets, road block and visited the Youth Centre.

The first shopping centre to be visited was the Pink Place shopping Centre, then Spar SaveMore and lastly Spar at Macklein street. In all three shopping centres, people and cars were searched. There was also an interaction with the shop owners. People were also given pamphlets of safety tips about housebreaking, sexual offences and ATMs.

After the stop and search, the members went to do Visible Policing at the junction of Thabong and Riebeeckstad. 30 vehicles were searched and no arrest were made. Two abandoned houses at Riebeeckstad were visited and searched.

The second house 12 pokes of dagga and R45.00 were found and a 29 year old male suspect was arrested and charged with possession of dagga.

He is expected to appear at Welkom Magistrate Court soon.

The second phase was made possible by Spar and Voorflag Restaurant by donating goodies to the girls at Welriedal Child and Youth Centre. The centre is currently having 11 girls aged from 14 to 19 years old in Grade 8 to 11.

These girls are attending Riebeeckstad High School and Orion School. These girls are being placed there by Social Development for different reasons.