Trompsburg:  Two more suspects that were arrested on Saturday for armed robberies that took place in Trompsburg, appeared in the Edenburg magistrate court this morning.

In the month of September 2017, Trompsburg police experienced armed robberies in their area and that prompted the Provincial Commissioner to summon the Provincial Task Team to look into the alleged robberies taking place in the Cluster.

Armed suspects stormed tuck-shops in the area and robbed the victims of undisclosed amounts of cash and fled the scene.  At the end of September month suspects allegedly robbed a tuck shop owner and fled the scene.  Police received information on their whereabouts and they were arrested after being found at the local shebeen.  Three unlicensed firearms were confiscated and five suspects were arrested.

This past Saturday, 11 November 2017, police acted on information after tuck shop owner was again robbed of his cash and his vehicle shot at. Cases of attempted murder and robbery were registered and two suspects were arrested and it was later discovered that they are allegedly the same group working the five that was previously arrested in September.

The two appeared in the Edenburg Magistrate Court and their case was postponed to the 30th November where all seven (7) suspects aged between 25 and 30 years old will appear for armed robbery, attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearm cases that happened in Trompsburg and Edenburg.

The names of the suspects cannot be released at this stage and investigations continue.

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