Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Welkom: Police have become once more concerned about theft out of motor vehicle in Welkom CBD. Most of these particular crimes are committed when the owner of the car left valuable items on the seats of the car where they can be seen by people passing next to the car. Motorists warned to be more careful about the leaving the items on the seats of the car.

This warning comes after a resent crime committed on the 17 January 2020, at Fredie Meyer parking at number 1 Heeren street Welkom. A 19 year old motorist parked his vehicle at the mentioned parking area and left it there.

On his return he found that his vehicle window was broken and items stolen from the car. The stolen items were Star sound amplifier, battery, Sub woover and 6GB all to the value of R3 260-00. Motorists are sternly warned to remove valuable items from where it can be seen inside the car, but rather put those items in the boot of the car.

The vehicle must be parked in an area where more people are passing, they must not park in secluded area. Vehicles to be parked where there is light especially under cover of darkness. Buying stolen items is also a crime so residents are also sternly warned in buying suspected stolen items.

Any person who might see someone selling those items is requested to contact Lt Col. Goli Ngubeni of Welkom Detective Services at telephone number (057) 391 6011 or Police Emergency numbers at 08600 10111.