Clocolan: On Wednesday; 15 November 2017, two men (one from Winburg and Limpopo) were busy searching for their Buffalos with a light helicopter at Bigstok farm district in Clocolan. The Buffalos were on the mountain at the same farm. It is alleged that the victim from Winburg was a pilot while the one from Limpopo, was his assistant.

The pilot did not realize the electric cable because they were both concentrating on the ground as they were searching for those Buffalos on the mountains and they accidentally bumped against the electric cable. The helicopter fell to the ground and was badly damaged.

Unfortunately the victims died on the scene. Civil Aviation SA and other role players were summoned to the scene. A case of culpable homicide is being investigated.

The names of the deceased cannot be released at this stage following police investigations into the matter.

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