Monday, 09 March 2020

Bethlehem: A 23 year old woman, appeared in court on Friday, 28 February 2020 on a charge of Child Neglect. She was released on Warning and her case was postponed to the 23 March 2020.

She was arrested by members of Bethlehem Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual offences (FCS) on Thursday; 27 February 2020. It is alleged that she left her five days old baby in a toilet floor at a local hospital.

According to allegations, the suspect gave birth to the little girl at one of local hospital on the 22 February 2020 and five days after she was discharged, she went to another local government hospital and left the baby on the floor in the hospital bathrooms.

The baby was found by another patient who alerted hospital officials and a social worker from the hospital alerted the police. It is further alleged that the suspect came back on Thursday; 27 February, to re-claim the baby and that is how she was arrested. The child is now at a Place of Safety.

Acting Free State Provincial Commissioner Major General Solly Lesia said parents have obligation to take care of their children, if there is any sign of neglect of children by their parents or guardians such people will face the law. This is because children are also protected by the Constitution of South Africa, they have rights.

“We are just grateful and relieved that the baby was found alive and the suspect arrested.” concluded Major General Lesia.