Friday, 08 February 2019

Bloemfontein: An African female has been arrested and is facing murder charges.

On Wednesday 23 January 2019, Heidedal police were summoned to a murder scene at Bloemside 2 in Bloemfontein, where it was alleged that attackers got into the deceased house, stabbed her and fled the scene. The deceased died later on at the crime scene.

At the time of the incident it was believed that intruders got inside the deceased house and attacked her. However as investigation continued, all the fingers pointed back to the suspect. She had alleged that her mother was stabbed while trying to protect her.

Thanks to the brilliant police officers who dedicated their time into this case, following investigations the suspect was arrested on Tuesday 05 February 2019 at Bloemspruit Police Station.

She is expected to appear before the Bloemspruit Magistrate court soon.