Vrede: The Mayor of Phumelela Local Municipality, Cllr TJ Tlokotsi, has reacted by issuing a statement to reports of 6 Range Rovers vehicles that were delivered. This was done as the matter created a lot of confusion, public outcry and interested to many people.

The Mayor stated that the Municipality, received a correspondence that was purporting to have been from the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on 05 October 2017 requesting for storage of equipment earmarked for historical disadvantaged rural communities within the Municipality’s jurisdiction. The farming equipments/ implements that were to include vehicles, tools, plants, ICT, trucks, livestock, tyres etc.  These were going to be brought to this municipality as a centre for distribution.

“On the 5th of November 2017 the officials phoned to inform us that, 6 Range Rovers have been delivered as both the Municipal Manager and I, were away attending to other work related issues. But we were surprised by the kind of vehicles delivered because in our mind bakkies and tractors would have been appropriate,”

“I must also mention that a follow up was done before the DELIVERY, requesting lists of beneficiaries and which did not come.  While we were trying on the very day (5th November 2017) to get more information on this DELIVERY, the Hawks arrived with the information that there was a fraudulent activity and were investigating the source.  We then also handed the matter to our local police station to assist the Hawks with investigation on the matter of which we are still awaiting the outcome,”

“As a municipality we are disgusted and condemn on its strongest term this kind of activity by whoever is responsible for dragging the municipal into this unacceptable mess. Phumelela Local municipality prides itself for being an open and transparent institution that exists to enhance the objects of local government. We furthermore exists to advance the interests of all our stakeholders, the business sectors and communities in and around our area of jurisdiction,”

“It is thus highly regrettable that people with ill-intensions would be opportunistic and adamant to taint our goodwill in such a distasteful manner.  As a transparent institution of government, we are duty bound to keep the public and our communities informed as soon as legal processes unfold. We have also declared unequivocally to support the law enforcement agencies to rigorously investigate this matter and we are committed to ensure that we give them our full support and evidential material in order to ensure that all perpetrators are brought to book.”  said the Mayor.

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