Thursday, 07 January 2021

Clocolan: A thirty seven year old male suspect was arrested on the 06 January 2021 in Clocolan for transportation of liquor in his vehicle.

According to the Disaster Management Act, sale, transportation and dispensing of liquor is an offence. A suspect, who is a Lesotho foreign national, was arrested by the police after information was followed.

It is alleged that whilst the suspect was driving towards the roadblock at R708 road, he saw the police search operation ahead and tried to avoid the it by taking another route. In his quest to avoid the police the suspect vehicle got stuck in the mud, subsequently the suspect asked for assistance, however the police were notified about the incident.

On their arrival the police discovered that the suspect was in possession of liquor that was packed inside his vehicle with a Lesotho registration numbers.

The police enquired about the liquor and the suspect failed to give satisfactory explanation, as a result the liquor and cash that was hidden in his travelling bag were confiscated.

The suspect was arrested and detained and will appear before the Clocolan magistrate court soon charged with contravention of disaster management ACT.