Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Welkom: A 35 year old suspected hijacker; Edwin Mohapi, saw his day at the Welkom Magistrate Court on Friday; 25 September 2020 on charges of car hijacking, possession of stolen motor vehicle and theft. This came after Welkom Vehicle Crimes Investigation Unit (VCIU) brought him to book.

The accused’s court appearance stems from his arrest on Tuesday; 22 September 2020, at his girlfriend’s home in Rocklands; Bloemfontein, after an investigation team from Welkom and Park Road Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit (VCIU) made a follow-up on intelligence driven information.

The accused has since been linked with numerous car hijacking cases and theft within Mangaung and Lejweleputswa Districts which were committed earlier this year.

During January 2020, members of VCIU office arrested a suspect Edwin Mohapi for possession of stolen motor vehicle in Welkom for a car that was stolen in Mangaung. He was later released on bail at court which he absconded.

Mohapi’s appearance at Welkom Court on Friday; 25 September 2020, follows his re-arrest for his criminal acts. He was remanded in custody until his next court appearance on Thursday; 01 October 2020 for formal bail application.

The three cases of car hijackings include a Bronville case and two in Welkom. All three hijacked motor vehicles were recovered.

Meanwhile investigations still continue to probe whether he can be linked to other cases in the province and elsewhere.