Monday, 20 December 2021

Heilbron: The accused; Gift Mpho Setagqne (32), appeared before the Heilbron Regional Court on Monday; 20 December 2021, where he was convicted and sentenced as charged for house robbery, unlawful possession of firearm, unlawful possession of ammunitions and unlawful possession of explosives.

His conviction originates from an incident which took place on the 13 June 2018 in Phiritona; Heilbron, were the suspect entered the house of the victim and took his minibus taxi by force. The suspect then drove towards the direction of Sasolburg where he was then stopped and arrested by Sasolburg police.

The matter was then handed over to the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation team based in Sasolburg for further investigation, which culminated to the conviction of the accused.

The court sentenced Setagqne to eight (8) years direct imprisonment.