Monday, 29 March 2021

Welkom: An accident which wiped off three family members, their driver and two passengers, from the other involved motor vehicle was reported to the police on Sunday; 28 March 2021.

Two vehicles; a Toyota Avanza and a BMW, were this morning involved in a head on collision on the R30 road outside Welkom.

It is alleged that a white BMW sedan was travelling towards Welkom direction whilst the Toyota Avanza was heading towards Theunissen direction. It is further alleged that the driver of a BMW lost control of the vehicle on the bending road and collided head on with the Avanza.

Four passengers inside the Avanza, that is the mother (43) and two toddlers as well as a male driver not related to the family died at the scene. The husband and 13 year-old daughter were taken to the local hospital for medical attention.

Two of the four passengers in the BMW; a 46-year-old male driver and a female passenger, also died at the scene. Another male and female passengers were rushed to hospital for medical attention.

It was revealed that the family in the Avanza were on-route to Elliotdale in Eastern Cape whilst the passengers of a BMW, were on a trip to Thabong near Welkom.

A case of culpable homicide has been registered for further investigation. The names of the deceased will be disclosed as soon as their families have been informed.