Friday, 08 October 2021

Welkom: An elderly woman was found lost in Thabong and Police brought her to Thabong Police Station. Police are looking for the next-of-kin to come forward.

On the 07 October 2021, members of Thabong Police Station were called out to a house at Thabong, about an elderly woman who could be about 80 years-old. According to witnesses, she was lost and could not remember her house address. She was taken to the Police Station.

When she was interviewed, she told the SAPS members that her name is Motlakgomang Alina Mohapi and she cannot remember her house address. She was wearing a sky blue dress, black half boots, pink and white towel on her shoulder, brown and white wool cap, and she is using a wooden stick to walk.

Should anyone have information to trace her family, Captain Tau of Thabong Police Station can be contacted at 082 8488 120 or (057) 910 2300.