Bloemfontein: The ANC in Free State has issued a statement in reaction to the High Court ruling earlier this week.

The statement read as follows:

1) The ANC Provincial Executive Committee of Free State note with deep concern the verdict of the High Court regarding the ordering of the Re-run of Biennial General Meetings and Branch General Meetings of 29 branches of the Province before its Provincial Conference.

2) As a body respecting the decisions of institutions of the State mandated with legal powers to adjudicate in situations of disputes, we respect the decision of the High Court.

3) We also note that the ruling of the Court was not unusual because the NEC Task Team dealing with disputes also ordered re-runs of some biennial General Meetings and Branch General Meetings, and such processes were being undertaken, not only in the Free State, but throughout the country. This means, internal structures of the ANC are adequate in dealing with any challenge of internal processes that may arise.

4) The Provincial Executive Committee has re-ordered that the 29 branches, mentioned in the Court ruling of the 29th November 2017, be taken through and observe the guidelines timelines of 7 days.

5) All the members of the organisation should observe the ANC Constitution and Guidelines of the BGMs and ensure that there is no violent conduct in those meetings. All the branches affected would be consulted to ensure that they prepare adequately without delay.

6) As a result, the Provincial Executive Committee resolved to hold the Provincial Conference on the weekend of 6,7 and 8 December 2017.

7) The PEC also note with concern the ill-disciplined conduct of the Provincial Deputy Chairperson, Cde Thabo Manyoni, in flouting the principles of the ANC of Democratic Centralism. His unfortunate utterances of condoning unbecoming behaviour of usage of outside institutions to resolve internal issues of the ANC.

8) All ANC structures and leadership collective should stay focussed and understand that turbulences in the path to the national democratic society needs unwavering commitment.

9) The PEC would like to thank all the branches of the province in successfully undergoing through their bi-AGMs and BGMs in preparation for the Provincial and National Conferences.

Concluded the statement.


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