Monday, 25 October 2021

Bloemfontein: The Interim Provincial Committee(IPC) of the African National Congress(ANC) in the Free State, has issued a statement on some Municipalities in the province who are facing serious challenges.

This comes after employees in Kopanong Municipality did not receive their salaries, the cutting of water supply by Sedibeng to Matjhabeng and Nala Municipalities, service delivery issues at Mangaung Metro and water & electricity challenges at Maluti-a-Phofung Municipality.

On the non-payment of Salaries of Kopanong Municipality employees.

In the statement, the IPC said they noted with grieve concern the problem of non-payment of salaries of employees of Kopanong Municipality. The IPC has always been concerned about the leadership problems that has bedevilled this institution for some time.

This has resulted in the growing debt on third party payments which led to attachment of Municipality’s account by companies dealing with workers’ pension. The IPC deeply deplores the state of affairs in this municipality and implored on the Provincial Government to step in. It is expected that the workers should receive their salaries in next few days.

On the water crisis in Matjhabeng and Nala

The ANC in the Free State noted with concern the cutting of water supply to Matjhabeng and Nala communities since Tuesday; 19th October. The incalcitrancy of the management of Sedibeng invokes suspicions of underhand intentions.

“This stems from the betrayal on the decisions that the government and municipality had with them. It is painful to the communities to be deprived of water supply and also damaging to the productivity of many enterprises,” read the statement.

The ANC said it shall do all it could to ensure that water supply is fully restored to these municipalities.

On services in Mangaung

The ANC in the Free State said that it is satisfied with the developments about service delivery in the Mangaung Metro since the election of the current Mayor and the Speaker.

“The problems of potholes that have been troubling many motorists, especially taxis, are being attended to; those roads whose construction had stalled are being completed to enhance traffic flow,”

“Other areas of service delivery are getting equal attention and we are hopeful that there will be much improvement in the services rendered by the Metro Municipality,”

The ANC is satisfied with the reasons provided to put on hold the introduction of Metro Police.

“This is a necessary force to deal with crime and security in the Metro. We are hopeful that the leadership of the institution will deal with all the issues that hampers the introduction of such service so that crime fighting power of the Metro cannot be compromised,” continued the statement.

On developments in Maluti-a-Phofung

The ANC said it is eagerly following the efforts of government in dealing with challenges of Water and Electricity supply in Maluti-a-Phofung.

“The community of that area have been suffering for some time as a result of unreliable supply of those two commodities. That has affected the productivity of businesses in that area and have led to stifling of economic growth,”

“We are delighted about the promise to inject capital by the department of Water and Sanitation to deal with the aging infrastructure. That will assist a lot in enhancing the supply of water,”

The ANC said it is confident that the technical team assembled by the Deputy President to deal with the problems of electricity supply will bring a lasting solution to the endemic problem that has paralysed the lives of the people of this area. It also brings hope to the business community that a guarantee in energy supply brings positive results in the performance of the enterprises.

“We have noted with concern the rising sabotage of pipelines in some areas of the municipality as a way of frustrating the efforts to service the people. It is clear from such deeds that the aim is to turn the anger of the people against the ANC, which is the only hope to bring better lives for the people. We appeal to the security establishment of the country to assist in weeding out these criminals whose intentions are selfish and malicious.” concluded the statement.