Sunday, 08 December 2019

Welkom: Five suspects will make their first appearances in the Welkom Magistrate Court for dealing in Drugs.

On Saturday, 07 December 2019. While on duty monitoring the funeral of one of the gang members in Thabong, the Anti-gang unit received information about two houses where drugs are being sold.

The members reacted swiftly to the information and on arrival at the first address in Nkoane road, they arrested 33-year-old man after they found Mandrax tablets worth an estimated street value of R30 000 and an undisclosed amount of cash.

They proceeded to the other address in the same vicinity and found 32-year old male, and found Mandrax drugs worth an estimated street value of R10 000 and an undisclosed large amount of cash.

While proceeding with patrols in New Stands Section in Thabong, they came across 28-year-old male whom at first stance with the police vehicle he started running and the members gave chase and arrested him. In his possession they found Mandrax tablets worth an estimated street value of R1000.

The suspect was also arrested for dealing in drugs.

In another incident: The unit reacted to information that led them to a block of flats in Welkom where on arrival, the occupants were not available. They waited for the targeted person and upon his arrival they pounced and discovered a fridge staffed with dagga bags.

The suspect, 38-years-old and his live-in girlfriend were arrested for dealing in dagga and will appear in the Welkom Magistrate Court soon.