Friday, 03 January 2020

Welkom: On the 23 December 2019, a 39 year old woman alleges that she was at the bank, corner of Bok Street and Stateway, when she was about to use the ATM she saw a cellphone on the ATM and she called an unknown African man thinking it was his cellphone.

The woman allegedly inserted the bank card inside the ATM and put in the PIN number and the same unknown man pressed the ATM and she told him that she does not need any assistance. The woman tried to cancel the transaction but the bank card did not come out.

She then saw the man climbing in the Silver motor vehicle with Gauteng registration number.

In an effort to block the card from being used, she then went to the Goldfelds Mall when she received notifications of three transactions to the value of R7 800-00.

The Police would like to warn members of the community to be vigilant at all times when using ATM’s, they should never allow unknown people to come near them when using ATM’s.

Always use your hand to cover the keypad when you are using an ATM machine. Hidden cameras can be placed anywhere to steal your PIN number. They should be acutely aware and never use an ATM machine if there is someone else standing near then and never write your PIN down.

It is suspected that the suspect in this case is not working alone as he was seen climbing into the vehicle with other occupants inside. A video of the same vehicle was seen circulating where the Police suspect that other people were also scammed at Manny’s, Welkom.

Police therefore encourage people who were also scammed during the festive season to come forward.