Welkom: Buildmat Welkom has reached a milestone this March, celebrating 19 years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of 4 founders with only 8 employees, to being a cornerstone in the DIY market of Welkom employing up to 72 people to date. 3 of the founders have since retired and sold their shares, leaving Mr Walter Moir as the last remaining founder of the company.

Since then, Mr Moir is proud to be working with a new team that have invested their passion and desire for growth into the company.

“It gives me great pride in joining Buildmat Welkom employees, clients and business partners in celebrating the company’s 19th anniversary. We have come a long way since the business was started in 1999 and are very excited about our future as the company continues to thrive in these difficult economic times.” said Mr Moir when discussing the celebration.

Buildmat Welkom has been serving Welkom and Goldfields community with quality building materials and personal service since we first opened our doors for trade in 1999.

The company has moved from strength to strength, starting out as mainly a plumbing store, to becoming one of the leading hardware suppliers in town. Buildmat, today is a “one stop shop” offering not only plumbing but also steel, timber, paint, hardware, sand and many more.

“Even during the challenging economics situations, we have stuck around and hope to continue to do so even in future. Competition is tough but it also keeps us awake. You will most definitely find what you are looking for while browsing our shop floors, warehouse and yard and if we do not have it in stock, we will order it for you, because we strive to live up to our motto “We’ve got it all”.” concluded Mr Moir.

Buildmat Welkom in Constantia road; Welkom.

This unique positioning, coupled with the location of the store, has given the company an edge that allows it to stay ahead in the market. By also delivering to every corner of the province, Buildmat Welkom ability to engineer solutions based on customer’s specific needs has helped the company to continually grow over the past 19 years, and offers promise for future growth.

The Company is very optimistic about the future because even after 19 years, Buildmat is still showing great promise and the team is looking into different avenues for expansion with the long-term aim of being a national player.

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers & the community for their continued support over the years and our dedicated team who do not hesitate to give their all.

“We are who we are because of you”.

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