Thursday, 16 January 2020

Bultfontein: A 22-year-old man will spend 20 years in jail after he was sentenced on two counts of rape. In one of the cases, he was linked through DNA as he was an accomplice.

It was discovered during trial that the first incident took place in October 2018 when the suspect Mr Dennis Babiki Coetzee (22) met his 33 year old ex-girlfriend on her way from the tavern to her place. Dennis was with his two friends and he instructed his friends to rape his ex-girlfriend. They did exactly that,  before running away.

The second incident happened in November 2018 when the accused Mr Coetzee (22) hit the victim (58), with a brick on her head. Fortunately somebody saw him and that assisted police with investigation.

The accused was arrested and linked to Bultfontein case of rape through DNA. Mr Coetzee was given ten years on each case and his co-accused on the case of rape of his ex-girlfriend was found not guilty, while the other one is still at large.