Choice not chance determines your destiny.

“The ability to choose is an amazing powerful gift we posses that we truly do not realize or take advantage of in our lives. In order to truly understand it and use it to our advantage we need to understand the fundamental definition of Choice. It is a mental process which helps us to judge and analyze from multiple options and selecting one of them based on preference,”

“Choosing from these multiple options usually results in a consequence or a need for action that would eventually derive at a desired consequence. In any given day as human beings we are subject to making several choices that affect our living. They may be from the simplest forms to complex in nature. The consequences of these choices or decision to choose one from another may affect our lifestyle, religious affiliation, political position, finances, attitude towards others, reaction to situations, and health almost daily.” Maheer Sayed.

The author further goes on to say that our life essentially is nothing but a collective result of the choices we have made along the way. There are many choices were made at several moments in life, based on several experiences and circumstances, but nevertheless these were our choices and we face and live the consequences of these very choices daily.

We may choose to blame the circumstances, but nevertheless the choice was ours and we are solely responsible for those choices and the eventual outcome. We each have the power and freedom to choose right from wrong. Often we end up choosing that which is easy from hard and sadly learn that the hard ends up being the right thing to do.

The righteous and the just thing to do often involves hardships, disagreement from common folk, against certain odds, and at times contrary to common thinking. But it is in such choices that great accomplishments lie.

Greatness has never been served on a silver platter, but it has only been earned by the choices made against all odds with the will, determination and perseverance. But it begins with the choice. And the power to choose is in your very power.

Don’t let your mouth act before your brain. Once you say it, you can’t take it back. If you aren’t where you want to be today, remember, you are a good work in progress.

Life is preparing you for something better,  your process is a present, appreciate it. Living in regret, resentment and remorse only hurts you. Receive the love, grace and goodness. Be released from your past. When you celebrate another person’s success, you are ready for yours.

The naysayers are not happy when they see you rise higher. They’ll find fault, criticize and try to bait you into conflict. Just keep running your race. It’s not about you; it’s about the favour on your life.

Don’t let the chatter distract you, don’t let negative comments, jealousy, envy or people that try to discredit slow you down. You don’t have to answer to them, you don’t have to prove yourself. Stay focused on your goals, and He will take care of the opposition.

Amongst all the wonders we are blessed with, one of the most powerful things that we have got is the power of “free will” or Choice. Specifically the choices we can make in life on a day to day basis between good and bad and how we wish to be or become as evolving human beings.

I must also say that I am aware that choices are at times limited to people based on the circumstances they live in, but I am talking about the choices that still many have in lives in an effort to have a better living and happier and meaningful lives regardless of their circumstances.

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. It is choice; not chance that determines your destiny. –Jean Nidetch.

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Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane
Editor: FS News Online