Choose a friend who will pull you up and not push you down.

We all wish to belong, be loved and be associated with people who bring the best out of us. There is also a thin line in doing so. Because friends can either pull you up or push you down from your dreams or goals. I came across this article and hope it will inspire you to make right decisions when choosing friends or associates.

“In the journey of life, no one succeed in isolation. We are created to relate with each other in order to make the world a better place to live in. I wonder what life will look like if everyone is minding his/her own business. No matter how intelligence someone might be, there have been someone that has influence his/her life.

In the journey of life, we meet people everyday and at every point in time we build relationship. Some of those we met in this journey turns out to be good friends that we most a time find it difficult to let them go because of the positive impacts they turn out to play in our lives.

One of the greatest power we have is the ability to choose.

We have the capacity to choose who we want to move out with or who we want to be our friends. Choosing a friend that will help us in the journey of life and add positive impacts into our life is our own choice.

“You must know where you are going to before you choose those that are going the same direction with you”.

Your choice of friend can either make you mar your destiny. Choose right. There’s a saying that “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.

Some people have been misjudged through the friends they keep.Some opportunities have been lost due to some friends that we keep. You might not likely have the same character/attitude like that friend of yours but for the fact that you chose to keep moving with a friend that is not ready to change, is an indication that you are ready to face any negative thing that come up in the process.

Many people that could’ve helped you might turn you down due to the company you keep as “Bad company destroys good character “. You might not actually be a bad person or have bad characters but you can be judge base on your friends character.

Since your friends are capable of turning things around for you in either positive or negative way. It is now time to keep choosing those that will pull you up and not those that will push you down or push you away from your goal.

You have the capacity and right to choose who to mingle with.” – Source Steemit

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Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane