Saturday, 02 May 2020

Bloemfontein: The Free State Department of Health and Clover have successfully completed a series of comprehensive testing and contact tracing processes after a Clover employee tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

All 369 Clover employees, as well as 12 taxi drivers and 7 cleaners were tested. From the 388 tests carried out, five positive COVID-19 cases were identified. The individuals who tested positive have been isolated and all those that were traced to have had contact with them have been quarantined.

Production at Clovers Bloemfontein factory was halted a number of times to facilitate deep cleaning processes (fogging) by an external services provider recommended by the Department of Health.

Following confirmation from the Free State Department of Health that all of the test results had been received and that the outstanding test results were negative, the factory resumed operations.

The same strict screening and reporting procedures already in place apply and only employees that have tested negative are allowed to work.

From the start of the outbreak, Clover implemented a number of robust safety measures across all facilities to prevent the spread of the virus and identify any possible cases as early as possible.

The Department of Health views Clover’s hygiene and safety processes as excellent and noted that Clover’s proactive quarantine and tracing actions certainly helped to limit the spread of the virus.

Specific measures taken by Clover to prevent the spread of the virus and support employees include:

  • Provision of personal protective equipment and access to sanitizers;
  • Educational and training campaigns;
  • Comprehensive support for all employees through the companys clinic;
  • Dedicated transport services;
  • Hampers including fresh fruits, multivitamins, Clover products and home sanitization kits;
  • Screening processes at the entrance to facilities and social distancing;
  • Proactive reporting and quarantine processes for employees experiencing symptoms, as well as those with whom they have had contact;
  • Cleaning between shifts and deep cleaning of factory after every 5 day production cycle; and
  • Ensuring no contact between employees in between shift changes.

It is through working together that South Africa will flatten the curve and curb the transmission of COVID-19. The Department of Health appreciates the high level of cooperation received from Clover and its employees by allowing full access to their premises, including enabling officials to carry out the screening and testing processes. Clover thanks all the officials and multi-disciplinary health care workers involved for their professionalism.

There is no cure for COVID-19 yet and the Department of Health encourages all persons who are deemed eligible for testing to do so by going to a nearby health facility.

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