Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Bloemfontein: An employee of Clover went to consult at Botshabelo Hospital on 22 April 2020. He was ultimately tested because he had Covid-19 symptoms. His results were confirmed as positive.

It was learned that he is a commuting employee of Clover Bloemfontein. All his household and close social contacts (18) who traveled with him on daily basis, were tested and they are all confirmed negative.

These include his wife, children and co-commuters. They have been quarantined at Philip Sanders since, Wednesday; 22 April 2020.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday; the Department decided to conduct on site contact tracing at Clover Bloemfontein, in Harvey Road. There were 369 employees. This led to a temporary closure of Clover whilst awaiting results of all 369 contacts. The place has been decontaminated.

The Department of Health appreciates all the cooperation that they have received from Clover who opened their doors and allowed full access to their premises, including enabling the Department to test all their employees.

“There is no cure for Covid-19 as yet and we encourage all persons who have not as yet been screened and deemed eligible for testing, to do so. If you know that you had contact with people who tested positive, or you suspect that that you may have had contact with Covid19 positive people or environments associated with Covid19, you are encouraged to present yourself to a nearby health facility for screening and testing,”

“We thank all our multi-disciplinary health care workers who spent long hours in the service of testing of all contacts at Clover in particular and Screening and Testing Service in general. Our teams are engaging in vigorous contact tracing to ensure that no one is left behind who could later become a source of transmission. It is through working together that we can flatten the curve and curb the transmission of Covid19.” said the Free State Department of Health.