Friday, 25 January 2019

Botshabelo: Police in Botshabelo are appealing to community members to be vigilant and report criminal activities such as common robberies and robberies with weapon other than a firearm around Reahola Complex. Police have been receiving reports of robberies around Reahola Shopping Complex where criminals will target motorists and even pedestrians and rob them of their money and cellphones.

These criminals will target business owners as they go and do shopping for their respective businesses and they also target pedestrians walking from work to home. It is therefore imperative that motorists do not leave valuable items in the car that can be easily seen by criminals. Motorists should also ensure that their cars are locked at all times whether they are moving or stationery.

All windows should be rolled up to prevent criminals from grabbing valuable items. Pedestrians should not walk around with their purse and cellphones visible as they will attract criminals. Police will continue with their foot and vehicle patrol around the shopping complex to ensure that community members are safe and enjoy their shopping without any disturbance. Community members are advised not to resist or fight off criminals but rather report the matter to the police immediately so that members on the ground can be activated.

Investigations are underway on the reported cases of robberies around Reahola Complex and police will also look at former offenders and some of the apprehended suspects if they cannot be linked to the current cases that have been reported.

Anyone who have positive information about these robberies around Reahola Shopping Complex is requested to contact Botshabelo Police Station on 051 531 5801 or Botshabelo Detective Unit on 082 466 8341 or 051 531 5804/06/08.