by Tebello Hlalele

Creating Opportunities in the business world.

A lot of people, if not most, complain about not getting that job they fairly applied for. A tender that they fairly applied for due to connections. Perception is key, so how you choose to see things, is how they will be.

Connections are nothing less than opportunities, if you want something you should go for it and going for it is creating an opportunity for yourself.

An opportunity is circumstance that enables you to do something. An opportunity solves problems, hence one should not look for an industry but an opportunity.

Opportunities that are waited on tend to be not seen as they were not created. However, opportunities that are self-created are more tangible. To create an opportunity, one has to look for it. To see an opportunity, you have to look for it.

An opportunity to be a better person in your field is out there but you wont see it if you don’t go out to look for it. How do you look for an opportunity? An opportunity is only seen once research is done.

A business person cannot access or create opportunities for themselves if they lack knowledge of what they are doing. When you have adequate information about your product or services, it is going to be easier to create opportunities.

One thing that is hindering people from creating opportunities for themselves is a “Comfort Zone”. Being your hometown, a bad habit or a situation that is holding you back from succeeding, should be left in the past. As long as you lie to yourself that everything will be okay without working, then everything will never be okay. “Do not be a big fish in a small pond” Once you are out of the comfort zone, you should make contacts.

“Contacts bring Contracts” at the end of the day it is not a connection but an opportunity made. Lastly, all that is left is doing the work. Putting in the effort and eventually DOING IT!!!

The easiest way to be successful is going the cost of sweat, tears and betrayal. It is not easy but once you create opportunies for yourself, it is very easy to allowing yourself to takes risks.

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Tebello “PandaPreneur” Hlalele
Business Collumnist: FS News Online

Tebello is writing featured articles for FS News Online on weekly basis. He will be covering various Business related topics and answering relevant questions.

About the Author: Tebello Hlalele, a 22 year old entrepreneur, student and future leader from Meloding Virginia, currently residing in Bloemfontein. He is currently leading a programme called “Hustle on the move”. He aim is to get entrepreneurs in the Free State to reach their desired destinies. He also has a 30 minutes slot with Ace Moloi on Kovsie FM every Friday that interacts with entrepreneurs regarding their challenges.

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