Saturday, 30 October 2021

Kroonstad: An 18 year-old daughter, who reported her mother as a missing person, was arrested after the mother was found dead near R721 Kroonstad/Vredefort road on Sunday; 24 October 2021. The daughter was arrested on Wednesday; 27 October 2021.

Her arrest emanated from an inquest docket, which was opened following the discovery of the body of her 46 year-old mother. Her decomposed body could not be identified at the time of discovery and was taken to the State mortuary where the family later assisted with identification thereof.

Subsequently, investigation linked the deceased to the reported missing person file that was reported by her 18 year-old daughter on Tuesday; 19 October 2021. She alleged that she last saw her mother alive on Thursday; 14 October 2021. A post mortem was conducted as part of ongoing investigation and determined the cause of death as strangulation.

The inquest docket changed to a murder case. It was later found out that the daughter was implicated due to evidence obtained at her residence in Brentpark; Kroonstad during investigation.

She was arrested on Wednesday; 27 October 2021. On the same day, investigation led the police to her 19 year-old boyfriend, residing at Morewag in Kroonstad. It is suspected that he was also involved in this case.

This boyfriend and girlfriend, aged 18 and 19 years respectively, appeared at the Kroonstad Magistrates’ Court on Friday; 29 October 2021, facing a charge of murder.