Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Allanridge: The Department of Police, Roads and Transport (DPRT), notified motorists that the R30 between Allanridge and Welkom, has been officially closed until further notice.

The R30 has been flooded several times during the rainy season by the dam and lack of cooperation from road users has resulted a number of fatal crushes and fatalities in that area.

In the most recent incident on Saturday; 23 April 2022, six people died and five were seriously injured when a white Iveco 22-seater midibus that was travelling on the R30 from Bothaville, overturned at a low bridge site and plunged into the adjacent dam about 5km from Allanridge.

The DPRT is concerned about the lives of road users and as the R30 is deemed not safe to use, motorists are urged to make use of the following alternative routes:

  • Vehicles travelling between Allanridge and Bothaville should use of the S1075 secondary road and the R719;
  • If you are travelling between Welkom and Kroonstad, the R34 is the indicated route; and
  • Motorists travelling to Orkney in the Northwest should use the R76 via Viljoenskroon.

Additional measures are being looked into to make the alternative routes safe and extra road traffic signs will be erected on the R30 to ensure that motorists are aware of the situation.

For the sake of everyone’s safety, the department pleads with motorists to cooperate in this regard and not to unlawfully remove road signs and illegally make use of the R30.