Friday, 28 January 2022

Ficksburg: The Welkom Public Order Police Task Team continued with their Crime Combating Operation in Meqheleng; near Ficksburg on Thursday; 27 January 2022.

At about 10:40, in the morning, they received from community informant about a woman who was selling dagga to school children near a supermarket in Meqheleng.

The team went and conducted an observation which was then operationalised.

A number of learners were seen buying at an identified spot. The place was searched and 39 pokes of dagga and cash were found. The suspected woman aged 31, from Meqheleng near; Ficksburg, was arrested and detained.

She is expected to appear before the Ficksburg Magistrate court on Friday; 28 January 2022 facing charges of dealing in dagga.