Wednesday, 06 February 2019

Welkom: Police are looking for the suspect after an elderly white woman was defrauded money by unknown man. Suspect is still at large. Grandchildren are advised to accompany their elderly to the ATM and NO stranger must assist them when they are withdrawing their hard earned cash.

On the 02 February 2019, an 80 year old victim went to the ATM at Riebeeckstad; Welkom, to withdraw money from her bank account. She met a stranger who offered to assist her. In the process, the elderly woman lost her money. The suspect left her and she tried to withdraw her money but there was totally no money in her bank account.

A case of fraud was registered for further investigations.

The Police are appealing to the community especially youth, to accompany their grandparents to the shops, ATMs and banks so that they do not become vulnerable to the hands of criminals. Residents are also sternly warned not allow anybody to assist you at an ATM.

Any information about the suspect or his whereabouts investigating officer Warrant Officer Neville Wessels of Welkom Detective Services at telephone number 057 391 6268 during office hours.