Faith does not happen when all the details are tied up with a nice, neat bow. Faith is in the middle — in the wait, the watching and wondering. I read Joel Osteen’s reading this week and hope you will find it as profound as I found it to be.

Faith in the Middle

It is easy to have faith at the start—when your baby is born, or you marry that beautiful girl, or you start a business, it is exciting. It is also easy to have faith at the end—when you can see the finish line, you have fought the good fight, and now the dream is in sight.

The challenge is having faith in the middle—when it is taking longer than you thought, when you do not have the funds, and when it is dark and difficult. In the middle is where most people are tempted to give up.

But God never promised that we would reach our destiny without opposition, without disappointments, without things we do not understand. Instead He says not to think it strange when these things come against us.

That means to not get upset because somebody did you wrong, or because the business slowed, or because your child takes a wrong turn. God is still on the throne. Stay in faith. What He promised you, He will still bring to pass.

Even when life is difficult and dark, choose to trust in Him and believe that He is working behind the scenes for your good. Have faith for the middle when struggles come your way. He will make way, when way seems hard to find.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane