Faith like potatoes!!!!!!!!!!

I came across these movie shortly after it was realesed. It took me several re-runs for me to understand the storyline and this metaphor but eventually, I got it.

Faith Like Potatoes is a 2006 South African biographical drama film based on the 1998 book written by Angus Buchan, “Faith Like Potatoes.” … The film follows Buchan and his family’s move from Zambia to South Africa and chronicles his Christian faith throughout that time.

Angus (Frank Rautenbach), a Scotsman born in Africa, leaves his farm in Zambia due to poor yield and escalating violence. His fiery temper ensures that he burns bridges, thanks to his penchant for escalating petty disputes into full-fledged fistfights. With three children and pregnant wife Jill (Jeanne Wilhelm), Angus buys a plot of land in South Africa and builds a life out of nothing.

Here’s the thing about potatoes. You plant them, and cover them with dirt, then pray like mad for rain. With most crops, you can see what you’re going to eat—the fruit of your labors, so to speak. But potatoes incubate in the ground, silent and mostly unseen, while you hope for harvest.

Like with many of our ideas and dreams, we want an immediate reaction and results, which are tangible and be seen. We tend to loose our tempers, emotions and faith once we do not see results.

Eventually we give up, or become obsolete, or loose focus and let go of our ideas and dreams. We look for instant results.

On the other side, some ideas and dreams take time to materials. They take time to come to fruition. They become a burden to our souls, pockets, family, friends and foes alike.

They cannot be touched, felt or become distant realities. You might know if they are coming or going. Yet, just like potatoes, the fact that you are not seeing the result, does not mean that there will be no results.

Yet, just like potatoes, those ideas are growing without you realising that the harvest might be sooner than you think. Yet, just like potatoes, they cannot be seen, touched or felt but growing steadly and unnoticed.

The moral of the metaphor: Faith like potatoes!!!!

The moral of the story is; not only dreams or ideas that bear results can be seen, touched or felt. Even those that you thinking are not making headway, do count. Those thank you messages that you do not personally receives counts.

Those appreciations that you are unable to get, matters. Those impacts and changes that you make in people’s lives and you think they do not appreciate or value you, should keep you going forward.

We all reap what we sow. Faith is about believing in things that you do not see or touch. With Faith, you are destined for greated heights and can achieve everything that we put our minds into, even when we do not see immediate results.

I certainly do that and remind people around me to do that as well. Because, we will reap the results eventually. It can look like we are moving around in circles but we have Faith like Potatoes.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Ishmael Phetoane
Editor: FS News Online

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