Thursday, 03 March 2022

Kroonstad: Two members of Fezile Dabi District Kroonstad Highway Patrol arrested two males with copper cable in transit on Thursday; 03 March 2022 at about 03:30am.

The two Highway Patrol members, Sergeant Reuben Ntlokotsi and Constable Itumeleng Mosia, were busy doing their duties on the N1 in Kroonstad when they noticed a suspicious motor vehicle, a grey BMW. They signaled it to stop, which the driver complied.

They approached the motor vehicle which had two males, a driver and a passenger. Sergeant Ntlokotsi requested to search the boot. Inside the boot, they found a black refuse bag containing empty cans of soft drinks placed in front obscuring the other loaded items. After removing it, they found out that there were 10 kg bags containing copper cables.

The two males alleging to be a father; aged 56 and son; who is 36-years-old, were arrested for possession of suspected stolen items (copper cables). The weight of the confiscated copper is about 164 kg with an estimated value of R19 000.00.

A BMW was also confiscated by the police for being used in the commission of crime. The two suspects will be charged for possession of suspected stolen property.

They are expected to appear in the Kroonstad Magistrate Court soon.