Monday, 18 November 2019

Bloemfontein: The 32 year old, former Welkom Flying Squad (10111) member, was yesterday sentenced by the High Court in Kroonstad as follows:

  • 30 years for count 1 x murder;
  • 30 years for count 2 x murder; and
  • 15 years for robbery.

This follows an incident where on the 01 October 2018, Constable Diphaphang Mokwena who was on duty at the time, requested a few hours from his Commander citing reasons that his child was sick and was in hospital.

Permission was granted and instead, he went to pick up his other 3 co-accused and they went to Kroonstad. On arrival at his aunt’s house, he took his nephew and said he must accompany him to go and buy cigarette.

This was to make way for his accomplices to do the evil deed unhindered. The accused strangled the aunt and left her unconscious thinking she was dead. Const Mokoena returned from the shop and dropped his nephew at the gate and left.

Whilst on the way the nephew called him and told him that someone tried to kill his mother. Realising that the aunt was still alive, Const Mokwena requested the Commander that he should take the rest of the night off still citing reasons of the child being sick.

Together with his accomplices they returned to Kroonstad and arrived around 2:00. They killed both the aunt and the nephew by slitting their throats.

Investigation led to the arrest of the Constable who then took police to Winburg where his accomplices were arrested. Stolen TV, DVD, Cellphone and 3 blankets were also recovered. The second accused, Martin Sebetoane Pule (35), was sentenced in October 2018 to 23 years for count 1x murder, 23 years for count 2xmurder and 12 years for robbery.

The third accused was poisoned and died whilst awaiting trial. The trial for the 4th accused (Thabiso Makha, 36) still continues in the Kroonstad High court.