Free State Kidney Association brings you the healthy kidneys campaign.

When we started the business, I was re-introduced by my sister to this wonderful and remarkable young lady. After years of my sister trying to help her find a kidney and to some point, being prepared to donate her a kidney( to my aunt who is very traditional, was a taboo to mention donating a kidney and she took me to task for even entertatining the thought) after I agreed to the idea, I finally met her. To my surprise, what I had in mind about someone who has been living with the disease for 19 years, was total opposite.

Gadihele Molale – FS News Online Health Columnist and Co-founder of The Free State Kidney Association.

I met this bubbly, energetic, enthusiastic, positive, certainly does not feel sorry for herself and does not need anyone to feel sorry for her. She instantly made an impression on me and business partners. We roped her in as our Health Columnist. Due to her intense treatment, she does not write regularly but she is part of our team wholeheartedly. We also adviced her to take her initiatives to another level, be a motivator and life changer to people living or affected by cancer and kidney disease. She took our advice to heart and she will be hosting her Company, The Free State Kidney Association’s healthy kidneys’ event and campaign.

The Free State Kidney Association is an organisation which was founded in 2015  by Miss Gadihele Lydia Molale, who herself is a kidney failure survivor and has been on dialysis for the past 19 years. The organisation is dedicated to raising awareness, providing educational information on the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.

The mission of the organisation is dedicated to the prevention of kidney and urinary tract deseases, improving the health and well-being of the individuals, families affected by kidney desease and raising awareness and educational campaigns in various communities affected by the disease. The Free State kidney Association also desires to work together with various relevant institutions and organisations in order to increase the availabitity of organs for transplantation.

The month of March is a kidney awarenes month recognised world wide, this is to increase awarenes and promote check ups on a regular basis. The Free State Kidney Association is planning to do an awareness campaign on the 23rd of March 2018 in Kutloanong Sipho Mmutsi indoor sports center. The idea is to have variouse organisation from the Free State so we will need more funds.

We will be there to give her support and call upon the community of Free State, Lejweleputswa, Matjhabeng and different businesses to come to the party and do the same. Together we can assist her in reaching for her dream and more.

“In closing, I think the idea is on the table and needs people like you to mentor and guide me through. I will be laying down a road map in ensuring that this project goes through as planned and your assistance will be highly appreciated.”said Gadihele.

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Ishmael Phetoane

Editor: FS News Online



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