Saturday, 08 December 2018

Parys: The past weekend (07 and 09 December 2018) saw the holding of the Free State Madeira flower festival in Parys.

The annual flower festival is in its third year and has, since its inception, been a massive success. The event started on Friday and came to its conclusion on Sunday. People of the Free State province witnessed a beautiful flower spectacle on the streets of Parys.

“In addition to the many economic opportunities that this flower festival presents, it also helps foster relations between our people. The past two years have demonstrated that the festival is a unifier, with different races coming out in numbers, to enjoy the show,”

“In the year where we celebrate Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, both of whom dedicated their lives to freedom and non-racialism, it is important that we all support this flower festival.” said Premier Ntombela.

Speaking at the gala dinner, Premier Sefora Ntombela welcomed guests at the Woodlands Country Lodge in Parys. Premier was joined by former Premier, Ace Magashule and other dignitaries at the gala dinner. She used the occasion to pay a glowing tribute to freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu.

“Let me take this opportunity and welcome you in this 3rd Annual Free State Flower Festival (FSFF). It also takes place at the year we are celebrating the Centenary of two international icons and stalwarts, uTata Rolihlahla Mandela and uMama Nontsikelelo Sisulu,”

“To them we say, thank you for making our country one of the best choices of destination and opening the doors to the international world, without who, we would be celebrating this partnership of Free State and Madeira Flower Festival. It is our hope that Free State Flower Festival will contribute positively to the growth of the economy of Parys, in particular and Free State in general, and; like the Madeira Flower Festival, draw several international thousand tourists.” she said.

The Premier also highlighted the importance of strengthening international ties with partners of other countries. She singled out China as one of those partners which, she added, will see both countries benefiting from the relationship.

“Our relationship with other countries for our own development is one of the key programmes. We are still proud that we have established BRICS with the other international countries. This year we have also partnered with China as one of the BRICS countries and China views the Parys area as one of the investment destinations for the development of the local people and economy.” Premier Ntombela said.

The aim, said the Premier, was to explore economic benefits which will mainly benefit locals.

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