Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Bloemfontein: The Free State Department of Health has noticed with grave concern the media statement taking rounds about the case involving the former HoD Dr. Motau, other officials and service providers.

In its statement, the Department said that it is understanding of the challenges Dr Motau is confronted with. That is, the former HoD was dragged to the court because he is being accused of not taking disciplinary steps against those who defrauded the Department.

In continuing in its statement, the Department said that it is acutely aware that him and other officials were not involved in any criminal activities.

“Upon flagging of impropriety, the HOD actually instructed the CFO to open a case of which the CFO did, at that time. At some stage of investigations, the Hawks then took all documentation which made it difficult for the HOD to institute disciplinary processes. The former HOD formally requested documents but The Hawks did not provide such documentation to him,” read the statement.

“Whilst the matter is subjudice, now that formal charges have been laid against those who are allegedly involved in this case, it is important to provide context and not fall into a trap of generalization which may unduly impact negatively on the credibility of implicated persons without a proper context,”

“It is important to note that not all officials in this case were involved in criminal activities. The Department is being furnished with particulars of charges leveled against each of the implicated officials and once this is done, the Department will be empowered to clarify the status of each of it’s officials without necessarily meddling with the legal processes of the courts.” concluded the statement, issued by Mondli Mvambi, Spokesperson: Free State Department of Health.