Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Welkom: Fifteen(15) rival gang members were arrested in Bronville; Welkom, after a woman lost her life when gang members went on a revenge attacks rampage on Sunday, 15 March 2020. The arrests were effected from Saturday to Monday, 16 March 2020.

It is alleged that a 69 year old woman and her family were at home sleeping when three males entered the house as the door was not locked. The three males were wearing balaclavas and started stabbing the four occupants of the house.

The elderly woman succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead at the scene, whilst three family members sustained stab wounds. The entire kitchen was damaged, two cell phones and cards were also taken by suspects before fleeing the scene.

Prior to this incident, there was a house that was burnt down on Saturday; 14 March 2020, at Ext 15; Bronville; Welkom. The owner of the house was not home. However investigation revealed that the house was burnt down by a group of males.

These incidents were followed by another case of arson on Sunday; 15 March 2020,at Ext 15; Bronville. This was after a 57 year-old victim left her place to sleep at a friend’s place. She was later informed that her house is on fire and all house contents were found burnt.

It was revealed that the first arson was allegedly committed by Al Qaeda gang where some inhabitants are alleged to be IJP members. As a result, IJP members revenged by committing murder of a 69 year old woman and another arson.

Other two cases of malicious damage to property were reported where Al Qaeda group members were revenging these attacks.

The Anti-Gang Unit was mobilized and managed to arrest 15 members of both IJP (7) and Al Qaeda (8) gangs. A cellphone and cards which were taken from the murder scene, where recovered during the arrest of the members of IJP at their hiding place.

These males, aged between 20 and 26, will appear at the Welkom Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday; 17 March 2020 for murder, malicious damage to property and arson.

In another separate incident, five suspects, Itumeleng Koteli (21), Mosia Rametse (23), Tshobe Morobi (26), Lehlohonolo Moremi (26) and Qetela Korela (25) all belonging to International Junior Portuguese Gang, appeared in the Thabong Magistrate Court on 12 March 2020, on a charge of murder.

The case was postponed to the 09 April 2020 for bail application and the suspects remain in custody.

It alleged that on Monday; 09 March 2020, a fight broke between two rival gangs in Thabong. This was between International Junior Portuguese and Votos Logos Gang. This resulted in the murder of an 18 year old Votos gang member.

After the murder, suspects went in hiding and were arrested by the Anti-Gang Unit in Virginia on Tuesdays, 10 March, while the fifth suspect was arrested the same day at Welkom.