Thursday, 19 November 2020

Botshabelo: Police in Boithuso SAPS in Botshabelo seek assistance from the community to locate suspect/s who were involved in a series of crimes on Monday. An African male was found murdered and his girlfriend allegedly raped, another house petrol bombed and another male assaulted at Botshabelo last night.

On Monday 16 November 2020, a 28-year-old male arrived home from work. As he was sitting inside the house in Botshabelo; Section W, he heard voices outside and as he went outside to see what was happening.

It is alleged that a group of people allegedly belonging to BTK gang stabbed him several times on his upper body and was declared dead on the scene. His girlfriend that was inside the house was allegedly gang raped by the same group.

Then the group moved to another house at Section W and upon arrival they allegedly stabbed an African male on the upper body and was later taken to hospital.

One family member noticed the group moving towards the direction of their house in Section W and he alerted his family members who managed to lock the house. When the gang arrived, they could not enter.

They started breaking the windows and doors before petrol bombing the house. Residents managed to extinguish the fire and no one was harmed. Selosesha Public Order Police were summoned to the scene.

No one has been arrested. Cases of murder, rape, assault with grievous bodily harm, arson and malicious damage to property are being investigated.

Anyone with positive information on the whereabouts of the suspects on the run is requested to contact Detective Koloti Rampina on 081 309 1450.

Police appeals to community members at large to solve matters amicably without any form of violence. Parents are further requested to provide police with positive information should they children be involved in gang related violence.