Get your facts straight before you judge.

When they judge you, yawn.
When they misunderstand you, smile.
When they underestimate you, laugh.
When they condemn you, ignore.
When they envy you, rejoice.
When they oppose you, prevail.

The world is facing a huge pandemic and with many countries under lockdown or shutdown. South Africa is under 21 days of national lockdown. We are definitely not immune to Covid-19.

These virus is no longer a myth and many continue to be ignorant. Being judgemental and spreading fake news, being negative, ignorant and judgemental, will never take us anywhere. Being judgemental has never worked before, certainly will not work now and will never work even in future.

Be informed first and not judge people who are only able to buy groceries now. We all come from different backgrounds and our circumstances are not the same, therefore do not judge. As I saw a group of homeless people moved to shelters, on tv, one of them reminded me that we should not judge them. As two conducted themselves, extremely well, I could not believe my eyes and I stopped to judge.

Suzy Kassem said this in one of her writings: “Never judge someone’s character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment. An honest woman can sell tangerines all day and remain a good person until she dies, but there will always be naysayers who will try to convince you otherwise,”

”Perhaps this woman did not give them something for free, or at a discount. Perhaps too, that she refused to stand with them when they were wrong — or just stood up for something she felt was right. And also, it could be that some bitter women are envious of her, or that she rejected the advances of some very proud men,”

”Always trust your heart. If the Creator stood before a million men with the light of a million lamps, only a few would truly see him because truth is already alive in their hearts. Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. He who does not have Truth in his heart, will always be blind to her.” Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane