Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Thabong: Lejweleputswa District Commissioner Maj Gen Lerato Molale, request community assistance in tracing Chere Mokhosi as he holds valuable information that will help solve a murder case that occurred on Saturday; 16 November 2019 in Thabong; Welkom.

At the time of the incident, he was residing in Putswastene; Thabong, but police cannot find him at his known address and no one knows his whereabouts. His assistance is required for this investigation to continue successfully and to ensure prosecution, thus he must be traced.

“Police and community must work together to fight crime hence it is important for people who can help by providing useful information to come forward and help clean our streets of criminal activities.” said Maj Gen Molale .

Warrant Officer Gerrie Nel of Thabong Detective Unit who is the investigating officer in this case requests the community to contact him on the following number (057) 910 2362 should they have any information on Chere Mokhosi’s whereabouts.