Wednesday, 08 September 2021

Henneman: The missing person was seen walking out of Hennenman and is nowhere to be found. It is believed that he is mentally retarded. Residents are requested to assist in tracing him.

On the 08 September 2021, a sister to the missing Mr Michael Andrew Theodorus O’ Connel; aged 46 years-old, reported that he went missing since a day before and he has not returned home.

As a family, they looked around Hennenman and according to a witness, Michael was last seen on Tuesday; the 07 September 2021, walking out of Hennenman towards Welkom in the R70 road.

He was last seen wearing safety boots, a blue jean trouser with Spar logo and a green Springbok jacket.

A Missing File has been registered and the search has been initiated by the investigation team.

Anyone with information leading to the tracing of O’ Connel, Detective Constable Moselantja Chaole of Hennenman Detective Services can be contacted at cellphone number 071 750 2021 or telephone number (057) 573 9100.