Wednesday, 08 January 2020

Bloemfontein: “Schools will be opening on the 15 January 2020 and criminals are looming around looking for soft targets, it is with this that it`s important for parents, children and students to be weary of their circumstances at all times. Through our Safer School Programs, we will engage with a number of school to create awareness.” said Lt General Baile Motswenyane.

Herewith some valuable advice to consider:

School beginners: Parents of the young ones who will be going to school for the first time, are urged not to print or write their kid’s names on the outside of the school bag, as criminals will use the opportunity to call your child by his or her name so as to lure them.

Always drop your child inside the school yard and near the allocated classroom to ensure that they are safe.

For those using public transport, ensure that you help them cross the street safe/ or that they are safe inside the transport. Attach the parent/guardian contact numbers and address somewhere inside the school bag, in case of emergencies.

Teach your child not to leave the school with anyone unless prior arrangements were made.

High school: Learners in High School should ensure that have telephone numbers of their parents handy in case of an emergency. Do not use your cellphone/listen to music whilst walking in the road as it will obstruct you from noticing when a vehicle is approaching you or when someone is following you.

Never get into a stranger’s vehicle offering you a lift. Make family members aware of your whereabouts in case you have to leave school early.

Tertiary: Be wary of bogus Colleges and student accommodation. Always ask for the registration documents of that institution. Never walk around with a large sum of money when going to register, rather use financial institutions for deposits.

Do not use your earphones while walking in the street as that gives out the value of your phone and encourages robbery. Avoid walking with your laptop in full view, rather safely put it in a traveling bag.

Always be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the nearest police station or call police line 08600 10111, alternatively give information via MySAPS App.