by Tebello Hlalele

How to define your company’s goals and obejctives?

Mission and Vision Statements
Companies summarize their goals and objectives through mission and vision statements. They both serve different purposes respectively, mission statements are more of what the company does now.

Whereas vision statements outlines what a company wants to achieve in the future. It is important for a company to have mission and vision statements, as they help an organisation focus on what is really important, attaining clients.

Although companies know what to do when it comes to achieving set goals, it is easy to lose sight of the main goal. Mission and vision statements remind employees and management of what to do.

They give a company an external view of what the company has to offer, when statements are visible, it becomes easier for consumers to know about a company without a contact.

Mission Statements

A company’s mission statement defines its objectives, hence mission statement must be concise. Mission statements must generally get their point across in one sentence.

They are also outcome-oriented, whereby they explain the fundamental outcome a company is working to achieve. They must be inclusive, mission statements must not limit participation of external community into achieving the company’s set goals.

Mission statements are action-oriented, they focus on a problem identified and work towards fixing it. To write a good mission statement, one should be familiar with their vision as a company.

A vision statement will pave a way for a perfect mission statements. It must accommodate the target market, the product or service offered and lastly the uniqness of product or service.

Vision Statements

Vision statements outline where the business headed. Due to its long-run outcomes, it is future-oriented, at the same time it gives a guiding light for the day to day work of your business.

It blends well when the business owner knows his/her business. A vision statement is directional, it gives guides to organisational plans and strategies. The statement should be specific, clear and focused enough to shape decision making.

By developing a vision statements, a company clarifies its beliefs and cultures. To perfect a vision statement, one has to be aspirational. Furthermore, one can be inspirational in that the statement gives life and direction to your day to day work.

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