Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Bloemfontein: On Wednesday; 08 September 2021, the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court sentenced Kopano Nelson Tjobo to 15 years’ imprisonment for the murder of his wife, Sefora Tjobo.

The court heard that Kopano led the police to the murder scene on Saturday; 04 August 2020 which was an empty reservoir dam situated on an open veld near the junction of R702 and Dewetsdorp Road.

At first, he misled the neighbours in believing that his wife disappeared with a boyfriend. He drafted a false letter with a message from a fictitious boyfriend arranging to meet his wife at the stock commonage, near the murder scene.

The police at Bloemspruit Police Station arrived at the scene and discovered the lifeless body of Kopano’s wife with strangulation marks visible on the neck. A piece of electrical cord was lying next to the body. The scene was processed and the investigation started.

During the investigation process, Kopano voluntarily agreed to pointing out at the scene and later gave confession statement in front of the Magistrate. Kopano Nelson Tjobo was at the end condemned to serve time in prison for the murder of his legally wedded wife, Sefora Tjobo.